Data management professionals in Canada's National Capital Region

Board Member Roles


Provides overall leadership for chapter operations and long term direction for the chapter.

  • Chair of the Executive Committee (Board of Directors)
  • Approve board member nominations
  • Manage annual board member elections
  • Liaise with DAMA International
  • Represent the chapter to external organizations
  • Responsible for the health and welfare of the chapter

Chief of Finance

Manages the financial matters of the chapter and is also known as the Treasurer.

  • Prepare and submit annual budget for executive approval
  • Manage and prepare reports on chapter expenses and revenues
  • Establish and manage the process to collect membership of fees,
  • Coordinate payment for invoices and chapter expenses
  • Manage the chapter bank accounts
  • Maintain financial records for the chapter
  • Coordinate annual financial statements and audits

Chief of Operations

Manages the chapter operations and corporate library of information. Is also known as the Secretary.

  • Coordinate Annual General Meeting
  • Act as corporate secretary to maintain agenda, records and minutes of meeting for executive committee meetings
  • Coordinate arrangements/logistics for chapter events including site set up, registration, preparation and distribution of materials
  • Coordinate logistics for chapter elections
  • Maintain chapter incorporation status

Chief of Membership

Coordinates member services, documentation and internal communications

  • Determine corporate, non‐working and regular membership services packages
  • Develop and coordinate recruitment events
  • Provide new member information package
  • Maintain member list and contact information
  • Review event participation lists to validate member entitlements and responses to programs
  • Manage the membership process
  • Establish member communications contents and channels – newsletter, website etc.
  • Respond to member inquiries, requests and recommendations
  • Contribute to chapter calendar of events and forward planning

Chief of Online Services

Manages the chapter's online and technology platforms and services

  • Maintain the chapter website, including membership enrolment and payment management
  • Provide online member services and event registration and hosting services
  • Work with hosting service and social media providers to resolve issues and manage service delivery
  • Provide security protocols for member and contact directory to ensure privacy of personal information
  • Manages and moderates online communications forum
  • Update website content on behalf of chapter and monitors contents for accuracy and tone
  • Report on use and planned changes/enhancements to chapter board for review
  • Maintain chapter calendar of events and news updates

Chief of Marketing and Sponsorship

Establishes and maintains external relationships and partnerships.

  • Identify, recruit and manage partnerships and sponsors for delivery of programs and events
  • Prepare chapter marketing and promotion campaigns and materials
  • Develop branding, promotional materials and messages for chapter events
  • Initiate and deliver chapter events in coordination with Chief of Education and Programs and Chief of Research and Strategy
  • Identify, recruit and manage partnerships for delivery of programs and events
  • Maintain sponsor and partner lists and contact information
  • Design/publish chapter newsletters for members and online bulletins
  • Contribute to chapter calendar of events and forward planning
  • Manages the chapter's social media platforms strategy

Chief of Education and Programs

Establishes and maintains educational programs for the chapter in alignment with DAMA International standards.

  • Organize annual certification training and exam in coordination with DAMA International
  • Develop education programs in support of certification and emerging data management areas in collaboration with Chief of Research and Strategy and interest areas identified by members
  • Establish an information sharing/community of practice
  • Recognize data management leaders and promote best practice examples in the National Capital Region community
  • Initiate and deliver chapter events in coordination with Chief of Marketing and Sponsorship and Chief of Research and Strategy
  • Coordinate logistics for program delivery with Chief of Operations
  • Review event registration and certification lists to celebrate chapter support for education programs
  • Contribute to chapter calendar of events and forward planning

Chief of Research and Strategy

Develops relationships with communities and organizations exploring emerging technology and data best practices.

  • Actively engage in industry activities and events, gather and harvest knowledge from continuous research
  • Identify emerging areas of interest and propose speakers, reading material, seminars
  • Identify partnerships, conferences and themes to promote
  • Provide recommendations and support the Chief Education & Programs and Chief Marketing & Sponsorship as required
  • Contribute to chapter calendar of events and forward planning

Past President

The current president becomes the Past President upon resigning from the office.

  • Sits on the Board of Directors as a voting member
  • Provides advice to the board
  • Responsible for any elections required during his/her tenure as Past President
  • Represents DAMA as necessary

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