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Board of Directors

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President (2021-24): Ellen Brown

Chief of Membership (2022-25): Richard McNeil

Chief of Research & Strategy (2023-26): Sylvie Fortier

Vacant Board Positions:

Email with a copy of your CV with the subject line of the position you would like to apply for if you are interested in being part of DAMA NCR's board. 

More information about the responsibility of these roles can be found here.

Chief of Finance
Chief of Operations
Chief of Marketing & Sponsorship
Chief of OnLineServices
Chief of Education & Programs

DAMA NCR-RCN Board Alumni

We would like to thank all of our previous DAMA NCR-RCN Board Members for supporting the development and sustainability of our chapter, and for inspiring our local data community.


Past President

Hubert Laferrière (2021-23, former DAMA Ottawa 2017 President)

Chief of Operations

Gail McAuliffe (2021-22)

Chief of Finance

Bill Carroll (2021)

Chief of Membership

Corrine Beckner (2021)

Chief of OnLine Services

Dominic Parent (2021)

Delan De Silva (2022)

Chief of Education & Programs

Lucy Opsitnik (2021)

Pierre-Luc Pilon (2022-23)

Chief of Marketing & Sponsorship

Chief of Research & Strategy


Ellen Brown & Hubert Laferrière (July 1st, 2021)

    Thank you to our Sponsors for supporting our local data community!





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